Episode VII

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Episode VII

Post by Massov on Wed May 04, 2016 4:23 pm

I will start this off - I hated it
Thought it was absolutely awful - gaping plotholes, a rehashed storyline and the fact that they made out Luke Skywalker to be the ultimate coward
I could go on all day, but really just gonna get some debate going


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Re: Episode VII

Post by Drazhara on Wed May 04, 2016 8:24 pm

OK I'll bite. I actually quite liked the film. Yes, it was a rehash of ANH, but I think it was done rather well for the most part. I wasnt a fan of kylo the emo, the character died for me when he took off his mask, the main reason vader was scary was the anominity the helmet gave him. I also found it a bit of a leap that Rey could tap into her newly found force powers so easy (the mind trick did make me chuckle though). It has opened up starwars again for another generation who might not have been bothered otherwise. It's certainly not the Disney infested abomination I was half expecting.

The biggest disappointment for me with the film was the blatant disregard for the starwars expanded universe which has plenty of good fiction out there. The drastic rewrite of major storylines which have now been rendered non canon is not for want of a better story in my opinion, it is purely so they can pull another ESB "I am your father" scene or two.

Ultimately it's got people talking about starwars again which us what they want!


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